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Customer Testimonials

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Thanks so much for the advice and quick response, much appreciated. If I decide to make a purchase of any kind Alto will be my first choice.

Ed S. - New York

Many thanks for the excellent service provided by your store. Jeremiah was very helpful and easy to deal with. Still can't believe that I walked in expecting to think about ordering a Heritage Cherry LP and you had the exact guitar I was looking for right there. And one that was not too heavy and looked terrific. Wonderful timing. I will miss the Ric, but I still have the superior Ric 360v64 to meet my jangle needs. The VOX was a great amp, but my Mesa TA-15 does all the VOX tones I need. Appreciate the fair trade in prices you provide. I had been thinking about another Heritage Cherry LP for a while. I missed the looks of my HC Standard that I traded in a while back, but not the weight. This new one looks better than that Standard and is not nearly as heavy. Very satisfied. Thanks again for your excellent service. Always a pleasure doing business with you and your helpful and knowledgeable staff.

Rob NY