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Hello; I received my Taylor T3B BTO a few days ago. I would have written back sooner but I couldn't put the guitar down long enough to write. I just wanted to say that I am very happy with the guitar. It's exactly as you described and is mint in every way. I appreciate the quick response and quick shipping. The guitar arrived packed well and in perfect condition. I have to say that this guitar is fast becoming one of my favorites if not the favorite and I have a lot of guitars. Too many actually, but if I had to only take a few, this one would be in it. It sounds great, is set up perfectly and is beautiful. Thanks for a great purchase experience. Dave David M

David M

I really appreciate your guys top notch service and help with the Yamaha VC3 Cello I am an older musician here and do spend a few thousand dollars a year on gear and instruments. (Probably more actually) I play out regularly in my area. (Guitar) I did not want to appear to be another customer bitching and complaining I spent years in retail malls and god knows I've heard it all. I will be sure to check with Altomusic before I buy anything big or small for my next purchase. And will refer all my musician friends your way also. Anyways thanks again for going above and beyond to solve a situation. Walt

Walt California