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The Most Complete Music Store In The World. Period.

If guitars are your passion, you have come to the right place. At Alto Music, we have a wide range of guitars that your fingers will love. Whether you're a novice guitar player or a pro, we have the guitars and guitar accessories that you are craving. Are you in search of a specific style or brand of guitar? Are you not sure whether to buy an acoustic or an electric guitar? Do you have other guitar specific questions? Visit one of our stores or call to speak with one of our guitar specialists today.

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I couldn't ask for better service. I spent close to a week trying to locate a seller that had the specific software I was looking for and everyone came up short. Not only did Alto Music have what I needed, but they gave me a better sales price than anyone that I've checked..and they didn't even have it in stock! I usually don't spend time writing reviews but I noticed that for some reason they only have a couple and it is my absolute pleasure to do one for them. From the service to the quality of the product when I received it were all top notch. I thank God I found these guys and will look forward to doing business with them again in the future. If you are a guy like me and are a little weary of a company with only a couple reviews, take my word..these guys are legit!"


Alto Music is usually our first call for more expensive music and recording gear, because their prices are good, the staff is knowledgeable, and the service is excellent. We just ordered this ilok from Amazon because it was convenient - We were surprised to see that Alto was the vendor. Yep, good price - and the ilok arrived a day early! We love Alto!

Ellen Fl