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Teachers available at these locations:

Middletown Store:

Mike Jackson

Teaches: Guitar

Phone:845.988.6654 | Email:mjackson@warwick.net | Website: N/A
Don Krantz

Teaches: Guitar

Phone:845.794.5244 | Email:studiomix16@verizon.net | Website: N/A
Robert Kopec

Teaches: Bass & Jazz Theory

Phone:845.800.9893 | Email: N/A | Website: N/A
Chris Reddan

Teaches: Drums

Phone:845.537.6381 | Email: N/A | Website: N/A

Wappingers Falls Store:

Derek Dempsey

Teaches: Voice

Phone:845.625.4134 | Email: N/A | Website: N/A
Paul Beretta

Teaches: Drum

Phone:845.632.2000 | Email: N/A | Website: N/A
Mike Mindel

Teaches: Keyboard

Phone:845.485.4226 | Email: N/A | Website: N/A
John Ferrara

Teaches: Keyboard (Saturdays Only)

Phone:845.266.3676 | Email: N/A | Website: N/A
Todd Mihan

Teaches: Guitar

Phone:845.297.0011 | Email: N/A | Website: N/A
John Larotonda

Teaches: Guitar

Phone:845.453.2416 | Email: N/A | Website: N/A
Mike Darrigo

Teaches: Guitar

Phone:845.564.3633 | Email: N/A | Website: N/A
Matthew Finck

Teaches: Guitar (Saturday & Sunday Only)

Phone:845.626.8721 | Email: N/A | Website: N/A
Jeff Armstrong

Teaches: Guitar (Saturday Only)

Phone:845.229.8562 | Email: N/A | Website: N/A
Rich Rosenthal

Teaches: Guitar (Saturday Only)

Phone:845.462.8012 | Email: N/A | Website: N/A
Corey Macrae

Teaches: Saxophone & Flute

Phone:845.242.7450 | Email: N/A | Website: N/A
Gary Kelly

Teaches: Bass Guitar

Phone:845.765.2131 | Email: N/A | Website: N/A

Airmont Store:

Dylan Kelehan

Teaches: Guitar, Bass, Drums, Voice, Piano & Theory

Phone:781.267.5173 | Email: dylan@dylankelehan.com | Website: www.dylansschoolofmusic.com

Customer Testimonials

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After Avid determined that intermittent problems really were a defective unit I contacted Alto Music. They responded within minutes and arranged to ship me a replacement along with a prepaid return label. No hassles! You don't find that kind of customer service just anywhere these days. Sometimes I have trepidation about buying from big New York stores, but I'd do business here again.

Craig California

Comment: Just bought a Ibanez AV1 Tenor guitar from you and posted this Seller review I bought a Ibanez AV1 Tenor guitar when it came it had a buzz on first string. Called Alto the seller and Cassie sent me a new guitar that same day. Terrific service and a great guitar. The seller is trustworthy. I couldn't ask for a better experience. I had a longer story to tell but limited space limits me saying more. Great Seller! That is the short story, here is the longer version I intend to post on the Tenor guitar registry and the Tenor guitar baritone Ukulele Facebook page. Buying my Ibanez AV1 Tenor guitar I looked all around and found that the big music retailers did not carry this instrument. There did not seem to be a place where I could go in and try the instrument out. Also found that the price was remarkably stable. The AV1 has one price. So I Went to Amazon and looked up the partner they had that was closest to me. I ended up Ordering from Alto Music of Orange County in New York. Four days later the guitar arrived and I unpacked and played it for a couple of days. I found that the first string had a buzz and upon investigation I found the action was very low and it did that sitar thing on frets 1 and two. I called Ibanez and talked to a guitar tech named Tom who said it was a newly introduced instrument and he wanted to check with his manager to see if they had a new nut to replace the one I had. He suggested that the people at Alto while he chased down the availability of a new nut. I suggested that the nut could be repaired easily. Tom said that he knew there were ways to fix the one I had but he said I had just bought a new instrument and Ibanez wanted it to be right not repaired. When I called Alto I was put touch Cassie. Without a moments hesitation Cassie said she wanted to check with her manager to make sure a new instrument was available. Later that day I got an email from Cassie saying a new guitar that had been checked by the store’s tech was on it’s way to me. The new guitar plays great and the first one is headed back. I have heard Ibanez sold out the first run of this instrument and the next group is hitting the stores on August 22. I bet the major retailers still will not have a version to play. If anyone is wondering if they dare buy this instrument I am here to testify that my experience with Ibanez and Alto was great. Alto has won a new repeat customer for all my future musical needs. Thanks you guys are great.

Bruce J NYC