The Rig of Peter Iwers

Bassist Peter Iwers has solidified his position as a prominent figure in the Gothenburg melodic death metal scene, particularly through his exceptional contributions to the band In Flames. From their early albums like Colony and Clayman to the more recent release Battles in 2016, Iwers has consistently pushed the boundaries of melodic death metal.

Iwers' distinctive bass playing techniques shine through in melodic tracks like "Only for the Weak" from the album Clayman, showcasing his remarkable talent. Additionally, his intense rhythmic contributions can be heard in songs such as "Trigger" from Reroute to Remain. Notably, the track "The Mirrors Truth" from A Sense of Purpose exemplifies Iwers' incredible groove.

As a result of his immense contributions, Peter Iwers will forever be recognized as a significant figure within the Swedish melodic death metal movement.

Currently writing and playing with the new Swedish melodic death metal supergroup, The Halo Effect, he continues to decimate through the weak with his signature sound on his signature Ibanez.

Peter has been a long time user of Ibanez basses and today we discussed why and how he has been using these beasts of basses and other gear in his rig to make it sound as cool as it does

Peter's devotion to Ibanez basses stems from their exceptional craftsmanship, unparalleled playability, and distinct tonal qualities. He firmly believes that these instruments are true "beasts of basses," capable of producing a remarkable range of sounds to suit his diverse musical endeavors.

Peter Iwers Ibanez PIB3
Peter Iwers Ibanez PIB2

In a recent interview, Iwers told us his history with Ibanez.

"I discovered Ibanez when I started playing bass guitar when I was 13, but I could never afford them. I remember as a kid, everyone had metal musicians on posters on their wall and I had Ibanez basses. We did Ozzfest in 2004, I was approached by Mike Taft and he gave me a bass, and I loved it. We worked together since. I always had a great relationship with everyone at Ibanez. They treated me very well. It's the type of relationship I like to have with a brand. I don't want to use it because someone pays me to. I used the PIB1, PIB2 and PIB3 with In Flames, but lets see what we create in the future”

In regards to amps, he also said:

“EBS approached me and we actually just set up a couple of amps next to each other and tried them all out and I just fell in love with the Fafner, then I got the Fafner 2 and I got some other amps and now I am using the EBS 802 series which is just blowing me away. They just get better and better with each amp. I have a great relationship there as well. Very nice people to work with.”

By combining his Ibanez basses with the right combination of amplifiers, effects pedals, and other accessories, Peter achieves a captivating and cool sound that resonates with his audience. His dedication to honing his craft and exploring the sonic possibilities of his gear has undoubtedly contributed to his success as a musician.

In summary, Peter's long-standing affinity for Ibanez basses and his adept utilization of various gear within his rig have been pivotal in creating his distinct and captivating sound. By harnessing the exceptional qualities of his chosen instruments and exploring the vast potential of his gear, Peter has established himself as a true master of the bass guitar.

The Halo Effect's debut album Days of the Lost out now via Nuclear Blast