The Roland Legacy

Roland Keyboard instruments

In the High-tech musical instrument world that Roland calls home, very few can claim an equally colorful diversity or consistent popularity. Fewer still can cite a legacy spanning over 50 years. Tech based instruments can be overwhelming for some Musicians. Roland’s range of Synthesized sound creation instruments are anything but intimidating. Musicians constantly seek new (or better) ways to create music, but not at the expense of natural creativity, and personal growth. That’s why everything Roland makes is purpose built to enhance the playing experience, not distract you from it.

Alto music is proud to be partners with Roland since our beginnings. Some of our team of experts have an even longer personal association with the brand (at least one or two of us owned a brand-new TR-808). Alto music would love to help you choose the Roland product that best fits your needs. We are small enough to provide old school personalized customer service, and large enough to provide a huge selection, the best deals, unique bundles, and fast as lightning shipping from one of our many distribution outlets.


The Workstation concept Synth has become an indispensable tool intended to cover all bases. It’s become such an important part of the electronic music world; At times, whole companies are judged on the strength of their latest workstation alone. In a world full of options, what is it that has drawn so much attention and accolades, that sets the new Roland Fantom apart?

Fantom Series

Rolands good old timely innovation and diversity. The Fantom’s PHA-50 Piano action, with real wood keys will fill natural, familiar and comfortable to the most seasoned Acoustic Piano players. In fact, what starts with keyboard action, is only a hint of what to expect from the Fantom as a whole. Because the Fantom is Rolands most powerful Workstation to date, you might expect a steep learning curve. Nothing could be further from the truth. Without a detailed list of capabilities, the most defining trait of the Fantom is its comfortable, familiar and easy control layout. Most Workstations of the past operate like what they are: separate systems enclosed in one unit. Thanks to Rolands Zen-Core sound engine, familiar control layout for each function and interactive touch screen, the Fantom feels more like one instrument. Every part of the Fantom is easily controlled without stopping, letting you work/play in real time. Deep dives into Fantoms architecture are easy and far less confusing and time consuming. After all, what good is such a capable Synth, if its deeper functionality is too intimidating to access?

88 key Fantom 8, 76 key Fantom 7 & 61 key Fantom 6
Series included flagship 88 key Fantom 8, 76 key Fantom 7, 61 key Fantom 6, and steamed down Fantom ‘0’ series 08, 07 & 06.
Jupiter X, compact Jupiter XM
Jupiter X, compact Jupiter XM, and Juno-X deliver the goods of yesterday’s classics thanks to Rolands Zencore sound engine


Rolands current line of Synthesizers represent Rolands 50 years of knowhow, but that’s not any cute figure of speech. As digital synths and sampling technology advanced, the only path to the future is inspired by Roland’s past. Combining Rolands famously powerful Digital capability and crystal clarity, with Rolands Vintage classic Analog warmth and organic sound qualities, redefines "Limitless".

Virtual Analog

The mighty, era defining Jupiter, Juno series synth’s of have returned in all their glory, and then some. The Hybrid Jupiter X, compact Jupiter XM, and Juno-X deliver the goods of yesterday’s classics plus so much more, thanks to Rolands Zencore sound engine. Also look for the Juno series performance models-the Juno-DS88, Juno-DS76, and Alto bundle (JUNO-DS61) with Gator Case.

Analog/Digital Crossover Synthesizers

Experience Roland’s future of Analog Digital design with the JD Series mix of a true analog sound creation with Roland SuperNATURAL sound engine. Simply put, the best of both worlds. Keyboards include the Flagship JD-XA, compact JD-Xi.

Plug Out "Semi Modular" Synthesizers

The System 8 brings you back to the future, without the need of a flux capacitor. The System 8 or 1m Module, include sounds from Vintage synths like the Jupiter 8, Juno-106 and JX3P, that can be mixed matched, split and layered like never before. Connectivity with System 8’s plug out system, allows access to anything on the Roland cloud, including the Juno 60, SH-2, Promars, System 100, and growing. Additionally, any plug out compatible synth can be used as a plug in with your DAW, when controlled by System 8.

Fully Modular, Boutique series, and more surprises

Full modularity you say? Roland’s got you covered, and then some. The SYS-500CS will satisfy the desire to own a completely modular synth, in one unit. The SYS-500 includes 5 separate modules, neatly protected in its own wood sided road case. Unlock treasured modular tones from Roland’s past, like those found on the system 700, and modular monster 100m collectors classic. Though complete, and ready to play right out of the box, you can add on Rolands SYS-510, 555, 505 modules, or any patchable module you desire. Also includes high-quality patch cables.

Boutique Modules

Roland’s size effective and explosively powerful Boutique series includes modules like the JD-08, JX-08, JU-06A, SE-02, GAIA SH-01, and more. Anyone of these powerful modules makes a great pair with the compact K-25M velocity sensitive keyboard.

Roland’s powerful Boutique series modules like the JX-08


The new TB-03 Bass Line, and TR-06 Rhythm performer allow you to re-discover the Acid House sensation TR-606 Drumatix and TB-303 Bassline in an updated and improved design. Let’s not forget very affordable fun tools like the Roland/Aria TB-3 Bassline, and Roland GO:KEYS starter/intermediate interactive pianos & sequencing music workshops.

A-800 & A-500
The Pro series 61 Key A-800, 49 key A-500


Roland’s full 88 key A-88MKII, is joined by the Pro series 61 Key A-800, 49 key A-500, flashy AX Edge Keytar, AE-30 Aerophone wind style controller and more.

Digital Pianos

Rolands incredibly realistic SuperNATURAL sound engine will allow you to forget you aren’t seated at a 1,000lb classic Grand piano, but that’s just the beginning. PH4 weighted Key-Bed puts real piano hammer action at your fingertips. Enjoy multiple Piano, Electric Piano, Organ, percussion and more preset sounds.

Connect your smartphone or tablet with Rolands interactive keyboard software, and downloadable App via USB port. Go ahead and let one of many true Piano and keyboard sounds fill the room with music using the internal sound system, or practice silently using onboard headphone jack. Choose from models with additional connectivity via Bluetooth, multiple finish options, and real wood accents.


Rolands Upright style Digital Pianos brings the family Piano back into the home. A powerful, but simple, understated control panel, and internal sound system completes the timeless, clutter free look. Any of Rolands lightweight digital Uprights can be set up in any part of your living space, or easily moved. You will never again need pricey Piano movers, or periodic house call maintenance. Multiple finish options and size’s range to fit, and blend with your décor. Notable models include Classic design series RP-701, RP-30, RP-102, & RP-107 or choose Modern Design series favorites like the streamlined F-140 and very affordable F-701.

Portable Digital Pianos

Rolands expanded feature FP-X series of Digital pianos offers a portable alternative to the “home use” Upright series. The sleek design allows you to take Rolands acclaimed Digital Piano technology any place you go. Each model has built in speakers, and headphone connectivity. From the affordable F-10, through Rolands portable FP-90X, each model sets up fast and easily on a portable stand and can be connected to optional damping or expression style pedals. Models include the line topping portable FP-90X, FP-60X, FP-30X and affordably worthy FP-10.

Stage/Performance Pianos & Organs

Roland’s line of portable Stage Pianos and Organs are the perfect choice for the working pro. Roland’s 88 key flagship RD-2000 features two independent dedicated sound engines. One for V-Piano technology, and an additional SuperNATURAL sound engine for Electric Piano, Clav, Organ, additional piano sounds and PCM sampled sounds. With 300 Programmable sounds, countless effects, and audio file player, The RD-2000 is a powerhouse before you explore multiple connectivity options. For players looking for a stage keyboard that’s styled more like an Organ, Roland has your back. The top-of-the-line VR-730 shares a lot of the RD-2000’s versatility, with a wider selection of Organ sounds, virtual tone bars, and a full array of Organ style effects. For more intimate venues, the trimmed down, speaker equipped, RD-88 Stage Piano or VR-09B Stage Organ are an outstanding value.

Arrangers/Entertainment Keyboards

Experience an all-in-one Keyboard solution that’s equally useful for song crafting, more complex composition, and live entertainment. Choose from Piano tones like those in Roland’s stage Piano Organ, Electric piano, and more, and let Roland do the rest. One touch adds a full band, Orchestra, or genre appropriate instrumentation, including percussion. Add a mic for independently controlled harmony and effects, steam sounds via Bluetooth enabled smartphone or tablet. Rolands E-X50 and E-A7 are great ways to work out new material or perform without the need for a full band. A Full range speaker system lets you simply plug in and get started.

RD-2000 & RD-88
The RD-2000 & RD-88 stage pianos