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China Cymbals

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Hello, I wanted to send a note of appreciation to you for the effort, knowledge and professionalism of one of your employees. I had been looking for a very particular sound in a large china cymbal for quite some time. I narrowed the search down to the Meinl Byzance Tradional China line, as with all cymbals each one's sound will vary slightly from one to the other based on the weight and hammering. I spoke with Danny about this and he brought one in to try. That one was a little darker sounding than I wanted. Danny spoke to the Meinl representative and two more were sent over for a sound comparison. The effort paid off, I found exactly what I was looking for. Danny kept a positive attitude and was extremely helpful in finding me the right cymbal. It is a real pleasure dealing with knowledgeable professional people like this. Thank You, Ron Shea

New Jersey

China Cymbals

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