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About Us

Our Story

Jon Haber, Owner of Alto Music, started as an employee of the original Alto Music in 1981 arranging displays and sweeping floors. Jon took over the company in 1989 and has expanded Alto Music into 3 full line locations and a pro audio showroom in NYC. Jon has spent his entire working career in the music retail business and remains an active songwriter and recording musician to this day. Music is in his blood.


2012: Best Sales Staff of 2012, Best Multi Store Dealer of 2012, Best Customer Service of 2012, Best Guitar & Bass Retailer of 2012, Best Amplifier Retailer of 2012, Best Sound Reinforcement Retailer of 2012, Best Recording-Related Product Retailer of 2012 *Music & Sound Retailer Magazine

2013: Dealer of the Year 2013, Best Sales Staff of 2013, Best Guitar & Bass Retailer of 2013, Best Recording-Related Product Retailer of 2013, Best Clinics of 2013 *Music & Sound retailer Magazine

2014: Best Multi Store Dealer,  Best Guitar & Bass Retailer, Best customer service

2015:  Best Guitar & Bass Retailer, Best Sales Staff

2016: Best Dealer Amplifiers

2020: Best Guitar Store and Multi Store Dealer of the Year


Alto Music is one of the top music retailers in the world and has taken online its store's award winning formula of an awesome selection, low prices and incredible customer service. Alto Music has been featured in marketing campaigns for American Express and has been featured in nationwide programming for CBS and in countless magazines.. Alto's success has been built on its team of talented people, many of whom have been here for decades.