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Acoustic Drum Sets

The beat has been pounding away since there's been people who feel it. The only thing thats really changed is the tools we use to keep the pulse beating. At Alto Music, we provide the gear you'll need to do it your way. We are fully stocked with traditional acoustic drums and percussion instruments for every style, taste, skill, budget and need. In fact, we've got something for anyone who feels the beat calling. You'll even find complete Drum sets for the student or intermediate player that include everything from drums, hardware, stands, kicker, throne and cymbals.

Alto music stocks the most desired brands in the percussion world. Let our drum team help you build your dream set up with your favorite brand of shells, hardware, and cymbals.

Hardware Variety

Experienced Drummers know that two identical shell packs can have a wildly different feel, sound, and character. To begin with, the right Hardware is essential to complement your style and comfort. That's why Alto music is ready with stands that will fit the needs of the beginner, studio session player, road warrior, or specialist. We've got pedals for the player who wants simple, and reliable. We've also got endlessly adjustable single, double and remote style Bass drum beaters, and an equally specialized selection of Hi-hat pedals/stands.

Personal touches on Cymbals: Our Cymbal selection is made up of over a dozen of todays leading brands, leaving no want unfulfilled. Choose a complete matched set or add/replace any Cymbal you want one at a time, from 6” Splash to 40” Gong.

Snare Drums: Aside from the drummer, nothing will change the character of a drum set more than swapping out the snare drum. You don't need to have a half dozen snares at your disposal to play with versatility, but the right snare for the right job makes a big difference. Check out the sudden crack of a 3x13” metal Piccolo, room filling tone of 8x14” Deep Maple Snare, or surprising power and sustain of a standard sized 6x14” Acrylic snare, and so much more. Discover your sound-try it all!

More Variety

Explore Pro level Travel sets, Cocktail kits dripping with old school cool or Bell kits (for the student or Buddy Holly Fan). We carry a full line of Traditional Latin percussion, World percussion, and even hippy drum circle favorites. Expect add-ons from extra drums through noise killing, out of the way drum mic solutions like the CDMK complete drum micing system. Alto Musics buyers work hard to provide an assortment that's appealing to all, and second to none, right down to that perfect clamp you've been looking for.

Without service, none of it matters

In todays world of readily available online information, chances are you already have an idea about what type or brand of drums that appeals to you. Drummers of every style, level, and type can benefit from the help of Alto musics team of experienced drummers. We stand ready to back up your buying decisions and/or recommend alternate solutions and make you aware of all of today's choices. Alto Music will assist you before, during and long after you've made your choice- even if all you need is heads, sticks, or a dozen or so egg shakers to toss (ahem) hand out to the audience.