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Hardware & Parts

Hardware & Parts

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1 - 24 of 84 Products

Roland GKP2 Parallel GK Cable

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1 - 24 of 84 Products

Hi there, On saturday 3/8/14 I came into the store to simply talk and get some ideas for recording from some workers in the store. Firstly, every single person in the store was super friendly and highly knowledgable. I have multiple sclerosis and require a little extra attention and time. 2 of your employees in particular went way beyond what I expected. They are Mike Morrison and Johnny Zee . Although I live in Connecticut, I will NEVER buy anything, anywhere but at ALTO Music. At this point, I am 60 years young and I have acquired 27 guitars and 2 bass guitars. I'm pretty sure that I won't be buying anymore guitars, but I still write and record. I will, till the day that I am no longer too, somehow be involved. The other sure thing is I will buy everything from picks and strings to recording equipment. Thanks so much to everyone in the store. I don't drive anymore but my wife was also so impressed by everyones attitude that she is more than willing to drive me the anytime from New Fairfield, CT. Wappingers Falls is now my new home away from home.


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