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Studio Microphones

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Let me say "thank you" again for your help with my microphone situation and all you did to get me the good information I needed, and for the great price. You really took care of me on this, which I appreciate so much. I can't wait to put the Royer to the test next weekend. Behind the thing which consumes me, music, is you. I don't know where I would be right now without your professional advice, opinions, and just plain help. I also want to mention how touched Al was by his experience at Alto today. All of you guys welcomed him and helped him along with his purchase. Keith (?) went in the back and pulled out the guitars Al wanted to try, always with a genuine smile, and looked up the information on any questions he had. Never pushy, always attentive. Al was so pleased with his purchase, even after clearly stating he had no intention of buying anything today. And he was beaming all the way home about how he now could keep his cherished Martin because of the great deal you gave him. He has just now started to break into playing open mic nights by himself and this new Taylor will inspire him. He kept saying what a great purchase he made today. I don't think I've seen him this happy in years. Music is his olive branch, and I just think you and the friendly staff at Alto should know what a wonderful thing you did by putting a gorgeous guitar in his hands. He really needed it. I know it may sound a bit corny, but your music store changes lives in such a positive way. Who needs a psychiatrist when you are holding and playing a musical instrument? The answer is, of course, no one. Thank you, Dennis. Adam

New Jersey

Studio Microphones

  1. Dynamic Microphones
  2. Large Diaphragm Condenser Mics
  3. Small Diaphragm Condenser Mics
  4. USB Microphones
  5. Tube Microphones
  6. Ribbon Microphones
  7. Acoustic Measurement
  8. Microphone Cases & Boxes
Top Brands
  1. Rode
  2. Sennheiser
  3. Neumann
  4. Shure
  5. Heil
  6. SE Electronics
  7. AKG
  8. Golden Age Project
  9. Electro Voice
  10. Peluso
  11. Show All Brands
  1. ADK
  2. AEA
  3. AKG
  4. Alto Bundle
  5. AMT
  6. Aphex
  7. Apogee
  8. Aston
  9. Audio Technica
  10. Audix
  11. Avantone
  12. Behringer
  13. Beyer
  14. Beyer Dynamic
  15. Beyerdynamics
  16. Blue Microphones
  17. Bock Audio
  18. Buhne Industries
  19. CAD
  20. Cascade
  21. Chameleon Labs
  22. Chandler Limited
  23. Charter Oak
  24. Cloud Microphones
  25. Crown
  26. DPA
  27. Drum Workshop
  28. Earthworks
  29. Electro Voice
  30. Gator
  31. Gefell
  32. Golden Age Project
  33. Groove Tubes
  34. Heil
  35. IK Multimedia
  36. Joemeek
  37. Josephson
  38. JZ Microphones
  39. KCM
  40. lauten
  41. Lewitt
  42. Manley Labs
  43. Marshall Electronics
  44. Miktek
  45. Mojave
  46. MXL Microphones
  47. Neumann
  48. Oktava
  49. On Stage
  50. Peluso
  51. Placid
  52. Presonus
  53. Rode
  54. Royer
  55. Rycote
  56. Samson
  57. SE Electronics
  58. Sennheiser
  59. Shure
  60. Sony
  61. Soundelux
  62. Soyuz
  63. Studio Projects
  64. Telefunken
  65. Universal Audio
  66. Violet Design
  67. Warm Audio
  68. Wunder Audio
  69. Zoom
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