20 years blink 182 self titled

20 years ago, Blink 182, the band that defined pop punk and revolutionized punk music, underwent another transformation. Known for their iconic albums like "Dude Ranch," "Enema of the State," and "Take Off Your Pants and Jacket," Blink 182 revealed a previously unseen side of themselves. While their repertoire featured relatable tracks such as "What's My Age Again?," "Damnit," "Adam's Song," and "Reckless Abandon," infused with their trademark humor, their self-titled album delved into a broader range of emotions. The album opened with the lively track "Feeling This" before delving into melancholic songs like "Obvious" and the tear-jerking classic "I Miss You." Blink 182 skillfully showcased their sensitive side, further exemplified by somber tracks such as "Down" and "I'm Lost Without You." Simultaneously, they embraced their aggressive punk roots with songs like "Stockholm Syndrome," "Go," and "Easy Target," while exploring experimental elements with tracks like "Violence" and "All of This."


Singles like "Always," "Down," and "I Miss You" have become timeless classics within the realms of pop punk and emo. But what gear did Blink 182 employ to achieve their unique sound?

Turnstile GLOW ON
Blink 182 2003


Turnstile Amp Heads: Peavy 5150 & Orange Rockerverb 100 MKIII
Tom DeLong Gear

Tom DeLonge's signature instrument has always been his Gibson ES-333 guitar, recognized by its brown and cream finish. To amplify the power chords beyond 11, he utilized the Mesa/Boogie Triple Rectifier Two-Channel Head.

Turnstile Amp Heads: Fender Super Bassman Pro 300W Tube Amp
Mark Hopes Gear

Mark Hoppus, on the other hand, relied on his 2002 Fender Jazz Bass, which served as the ultimate tool for providing rhythmic and melodic contributions to the album. He paired it with Ampeg cabinets, featuring the classical SVT-CL Bass Head.

Ludwig Drumhead and Zildjian cymbalsI
Travis Barker Gear

While Travis Barker has recently transitioned to DW drums, throughout most of his career, he used OCPD Drums, coupled with Remo Drum Heads and Zildjian cymbals and sticks. To maximize the impact of his 22x22 bass drum, he unleashed his boundless energy using the DW 5000 Turbo Bass Drum Pedal. His impressive collection of Zildjian cymbals included 14" Hi Hats, 18" FX Oriental China Crash, 23" Sweet Ride, 21" Sweet Ride Brilliant, 16" Custom Crash, and 12" Spiral Stacker.

Ludwig Drumhead and Zildjian cymbalsI

Blink 182's self-titled album added to their already impressive catalog of classic songs, continuing to inspire the realm of pop punk while paying homage to their post-hardcore roots. With its dark aura, the album achieved a remarkable feat, reaching Number 3 on the Billboard charts, following their previous album's chart-topping success. Mark, Tom, and Travis transitioned from punk rock sensations to punk rock legends.